This is the first Wikia WIKI I have ever made, and I decided this would be a good spot to hold my next project.

I have made a few tutorials before, mostly for friends in the form of txt files attached to old game backups, and a few I've even posted to websites. But I find that over the years most of this work is lost or just forgotten about and the amount of people it helps is fairly small.

I have decided to start this wiki so that I and many others can help people get their old games (and sometimes even new games need some TLC) to work on their new gaming rigs.

I find that most games can work (and usually fairly easily) on new hardware. Even really old ones from the early 80's, sometimes it's through a emulator, but a lot of times one isn't even needed. The area that I am mostly trying to help with are the PC games from the mid to late 90's as these are usually the hardest ones to get to work. To new to have emulators work right, yet too old for there to be modern patches for. There are also a few games from the early 00's that also fit in this category.